Can I cancel my order?

Once an order has begun confirmed through email or has been shipped, you can no longer cancel it.

How much does delivery cost?

For orders under PKR 3,000, a flat rate of Rs. 250 is charged.

Are your products cruelty-free?

We, at ombre cosmetics feel that something that is made for human use should only be tested on humans. We are 100% cruelty free and condemn animal testing.

What ingredients are used in your products?

All ingredients chosen are extremely high quality and safe for skin. The list of ingredients of each product can be found on the back of the product’s packaging or the label of the product itself.

What is the expiration date of a product?

Our products have been tested to have at least a 2-year shelf life if unopened and stored at normal room temperature, during which they will retain their integrity and perform as expected. The expiry for lipsticks is 1-year and for eye shadows it is 2-years.

What is your pricing philosophy?

We aim to keep our prices low as possible, without compromising on the ingredients used.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship in Pakistan and Hong Kong at the moment. Our goal is to become a global brand.

What are the payment options?

We offer cash on delivery for the convenience of our customers across Pakistan.

Where is your shop in Pakistan?

We are currently available online only.

Where are the products made?

Our products have been designed in France and made under ethical conditions in Hong Kong with utmost detail to safe ingredients and high technological processes.

What is the delivery time?

You will receive your order within 5 working days. If the order does not reach you in the specified time, please contact us on the given details on our website.

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